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Kansas hospitals leading new push for Medicaid expansion
That and the fact that she would have been eligible for Medicaid if Kansas officials had opted to expand the program as originally intended by the authors of the Affordable Care Act were “real eye openers,” Winrick said. “I'm going to school and that …
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Brownback won't recommend expansion of Medicaid in Kansas
He said he worries that expanding Medicaid – covering additional able-bodied adults – will divert resources from helping the disabled, even if the state picks up only a small share of the costs. “That'll all come away from people with disabilities,” he …
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Democrats propose Medicaid expansion
The U.S. Supreme Court, in upholding most of the federal health care law in 2012, also held that states cannot lose existing Medicaid funding if they don't expand Medicaid coverage levels. In states that have opted for expansion, the federal government …
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